Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Welcome to my brand new blog! I am so excited, I have so much information I want to share with you. Where to begin...well, I am Katie for starters. I have what some would call an odd love of food, cooking, couponing, saving money, and anything kitchen related! When my husband and I got married, the love of it all began. I had NO idea how to do anything domestic at all before marriage! Now, don't think poorly of my mom because she tried to teach me, but I had no desire to learn.

I received a Betty Crocker cookbook for a wedding gift and everything changed. I absolutely fell in love with cooking and baking! I began spending my spare time reading cookbooks like novels. Then I started trying new recipes all the time, and from there I began creating my own recipes. My real specialty is baking, I have a small cake decorating business. I love creating cakes for people, it is a great escape for me! I really feel like I get to put my style into it.

As much as I love to cook, I love to save money even more! About a year and a half ago I went to the grocery store and just threw in whatever I thought I needed. When the cashier told me it was $93 I about died. I couldn't believe it, I didn't get that much. I had seen those people on tv who had a cartfull of groceries for a couple bucks. How did they do it?

I came home and began searching...eventually I began figuring it all out. I began learning their strategies. I dove in head first, and have never turned back. Sure it takes some time, sure it takes some discipline, but it is totally worth it! When you have more food for half as much it is so exciting. Why waste your money, you know?

The Lord has blessed me with so much, and I feel compelled to spend as wisely as I can. I am asked by people all the time how I do this crazy couponing thing and if I can teach them. I thought a blog would be a great way to teach everybody all at the same time!

So, I am going to begin by a series that will go over the basics of couponing and how I have changed the way I grocery shop! I am also going to cover freezer cooking, meal planning, recipes, and other money saving strategies that have helped me! My goal is that through this blog I can help people achieve confidence in the kitchen, lower their grocery bill while eating better and tastier things, and ultimately gain financial freedom. So, follow along with me as I start this new series!


Dana Crace said...

I am looking forward to learning.

Anonymous said...

I need to learn all the money saving strategies I can. I can't wait.

Cheryl said...

WOW...Katie...this is AWESOME!!!

Sandy said...

I can't wait for your next installment!! Of course, after you hooked me on CVS, I don't know if I can find time for another addiction!

Misty said...

This is GREAT! I can't wait to read the next post... God is truly going to bless this blog. :)

Anonymous said...

My goodness...look at "little" Katie Crace!! You're all grown up and I can't believe it. Teach us, wise scholar!

Renee (Angel) Strickland

Miriam said...

LOL, I just read ALL of your blog! It's great!! I can't wait to read more :)

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