Saturday, November 14, 2009

Packing the Pantry

I picked up some dried beans, milk, margarine, sweet potatoes, honey, and cornmeal!
Lots of Betty Crocker sweets, chex mix, and 5 dozen eggs!

We pretty much have been eating from the pantry this week. I still had some produce, so I didn't have to get too much. I picked up some deals at Meijers this week, and just a few other odds and ends at Aldi and Walmart. I think I am more than stocked up on the sweets for a while! At Meijer I got 8 packages of cookie mixes, 4 brownie mixes, 4 icings, 4 chex mix, orbit gum, 5 dozen eggs, and a Bob Evan's italian sausage! Oh, and I got another coupon for a free dozen eggs. All for $11.37, and that's a savings of 77%. I also spent $12.61 at the other stores. That is a grand total of $23.91 for the week.


Anonymous said...

What will you do with all those eggs? Won't they expire before you use them?


Katie said...


Haven't you figured out that I always have a plan? Ha Ha! I got all of them free and Daniel is going to be out of town, so...I am baking and freezing my Christmas cookies! Saving money and working ahead! I will probably make a quiche, too!

Dana said...

I know who I will be visiting this week :) Maybe there will be a broken cookie or two for Daddy and me. ~Mom

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