Monday, December 28, 2009

So, I am just going to admit that this past week's menu plan was a complete disaster. I didn't follow it at all. We were so busy with Christmas and get-togethers that it all fell apart.

My husband and I are both on vacation this week so this week may not go very well either. I don't want to be too tied down, so I am just going to make a list of things to make for the freezer. I guess this week is kind of like a non menu-menu plan...if that makes sense. It is ok to have weeks like this, sometimes we just need a break, right?

We will probably eat out more than normal this week. This is for two reasons 1. we will be busy running around and having too much fun to cook 2. I am going on a STRICT diet next week, so I want to live it up and eat everything I am going to have to give up!

My main priority is just to make some freezer meals up! Don't worry, in the New Year I will be on top of things again!

Shredded Salsa Beef (for the freezer)
Beef Cabbage Soup (for the freezer)
Beef Vegetable Soup (for the freezer)
Taco Soup (for the freezer)
Something from my new Julia Child cookbook! (not sure what yet)
Dried beans (cook and freeze)

Do you notice the theme with soup? It is very diet friendly!


SnoWhite said...

we love soups around here! could eat them every day.

Misty said...

We were just at a Christmas gathering with some family and they made 3 different kinds of soup and one of the soups were Taco Soup and Tim and the kids LOVED it... Would you mind sharing the recipe please?

They served theirs with some cheese, frito chips and sour cream as optional sides and it was yummy and filling!

Please share...

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