Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Cow Fund

This is officially the last day of the month, and I still have food in the pantry! I was hesitant to even start the "Eating From The Pantry Challenge", but it ended up being easier than I expected. It really challenged me to come up with meals that were maybe a little different than the norm, since I couldn't just run to the store.

I had planned to spend around $20-25 a week, and I ended up spending just $58.31 total for the month! The crazy thing is that if you look at all four weeks...I got a ton of stuff for $58.31. The cow fund has grown from a whopping zero to $101.69 just this month! While I am filled with bliss, I am afraid my happy smiling cow is filled with deep sorrow...I'm just saying....

This month I came to the realization that something has to change.

A.) I need to either lower my grocery budget...we just don't need $40 a week. We could have fed a family of ten with all the food we had/have.

B.) We need to do this eating from the pantry thing more often.

I am leaning towards making the eating from the pantry a quarterly thing... buy for 3 months, and eat it all up in the 4th! Maybe I will do both? I will let you know when we decide...I know you will be sitting on the edge of your seat just waiting to find out...right????

How did you all do this month? Did you participate at all? If so what was your "cow" that you were saving for?


Miriam said...

I know grocery prices vary greatly from region to region, but I'm wishing we could up our $30/week budget and you're talking about lowering your $40/week budget :P Made me smile, that's all :) It would be awesome if you could easily lower it - it feels like it's really hard to keep ours at $30, which is up from the $25 it used to be. I think you did great with your pantry challenge, and it looks like you have a very nice cow fund started because of it! Way to go!!

Cheryl said...

Quit talking about how your cow feels....makes me S-A-D!!!!...I'm just sayin'!!!

Love ya!!!

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