Monday, February 1, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

I have a LOT of cakes to do this I will be taking it easy in the kitchen. My day job is incredibly monotonous; in all this time I have yet to find one iota of room for creativity in the dental field. That is a problem for me...I am a creative person and I need to use it. I think that is why I love baking cakes so much (and blogging :) is an outlet for me...I get to create something! So, I will happily be taking the day off "work" Friday, to do all this fun "work"! Maybe I will even post some pics! Ok, enough about my boring job and onto the menu!

Monday-Taco Soup (freezer)

Tuesday-Pineapple and Green Chile Pork Tacos (crock pot), black beans(freezer)

Wednesday-Bacon, Eggs, and Toast

Thursday-Bacon Ranch Pizza (we order this out all the time, it is high time I make it on the cheap)

Friday-Out to Eat

Saturday-Out to Eat

Sunday-Turkey Tetrazzini (freezer), Veggies

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shopannies said...

we had breakfast for supper one night last week kids loved it

tammy said...

We do breakfast for dinner usually every two weeks or so. It's a quick yummy and affordable meal. Way to go on attempting your pizza at home. I love when I make substitutes for pricier restaurant meals. :)Also noticed you have a few meals coming from the freezer. Don't ya just love freezing leftover meals for those hectic weeks??

Kristen said...

Love your menu and so glad to be paired with someone who participates in Menu Plan Monday for adopt a blogger! We've been matched up. If you get a chance, send me an email and we can chat!

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