Saturday, February 6, 2010

Packing the Pantry

Well, all I have to say is that I made up for January's lack of shopping this week! I got so much I just have to find room for it all! My total OOP for the week was $44.50 (I just took the extra $4.50 out of next weeks money).

(I had it carefully planned it out to the penny and it should have been $10 less (within budget)and I politely told the cashier the problem, but he wasn't listening. Normally I would have made sure the problem was taken care of... It was just one of those days though, if I would have fought with him on it I probably wouldn't have been too was just a bad day! Bad day at work, stressed out, had been to three stores trying to find the cheese before the impending snow, and everybody and there brother was grocery shopping, oh, they had no register open and I waited 30 minutes in line to finally get my cheese! was better to just pay up than to take out my frustration on a poorly trained cashier! ) I digress.

In case you are wondering where I got all the coupons for these items, I ordered some of them on Ebay. Ebay is a great way to get coupons if you want a large quantity. I bought 20 Quaker rice cake coupons, 20 Rotel coupons, and 20 cheese coupons for a total of $7. I ended up getting the rice cakes free (I made $.50 on some of them), I made $.09 on each can of Rotel, and I got the cheese for $1 a bag! If you do buy large quantities of coupons...just make sure not to clear shelves. A lot of people already don't like couponers, so make sure to be polite!

At Meijer I spent $14.13 for all the things pictured. I got 12 Kraft cheese, 3 loaves of Aunt Millie's bread, 4 salsas, 2 smoked sausages, and some random things I needed for my pineapple green chile shredded pork (which was amazing)! I had a savings total of 79%!

I was obviously at Kroger a lot this week, my total was $30.37 with a savings of 87%. I got 27 cans of tomatoes for $.25 each, 22 Quaker rice cakes, 20 Sargento cheese, 42 cans of Rotel, along with several other things. I am sure you are wondering what I am doing with all that shredded cheese. I am freezing it for later. Shredded cheese does awesome in the freezer (for pizza, casseroles, etc.)
I would love to hear if someone has any Rotel recipes to share!


Sook said...

Wow, coupons are such lifesavers!

Misty said...

I have to agree... coupons are WONDERFUL! I also stocked up on cheese... got 20 bags on my 1st trip and went back for another 10 yesterday! :)

Katie said...

Way to go on the cheese, girl! I am so happy you got your first huge deal!

Isn't it addicting?!?!?!

Pam said...

if you go to on the internet they have a list of recipes that use rotel. Basically, any recipe that uses canned tomatoes or stewed tomatoes can be substituted by the rotel.

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