Saturday, February 13, 2010

Packing the Pantry

The cold and snow here in Cincinnati has been just downright nasty. I can't wait for spring, sunshine and warmer weather! Luckily I had enough stuff to get us through and I didn't have to grocery shop until Friday afternoon.

Since the sales weren't too hot I decided to just go to Aldi! I spent $22.95 for everything below (well, except for the adorable puppy)! If you aren't into coupons, you should consider shopping at Aldi. You will save so much money just by doing that one thing!

Here is milk, brown sugar, white chocolate baking chips, mint tea, margarine, pineapple, strawberry jam, flour, and a big bag of long grain rice!

I stocked up on the $.99 apples (some for eating, some for applesauce), green peppers, and romaine!

I even bought some pretty flowers for $3.99...I'd pick wildflowers over roses any day (they last WAY longer)! Samson just wanted to smell the flowers :) He moved and it looks kind of fuzzy...he can never sit still for a pic!

Since I am off Monday I plan to do some freezer prep work, if you will. Other than doubling some meals I haven't done too much freezer cooking lately. Here is what I plan to do-

1. homemade applesauce
2. make and freeze long grain rice (this makes for a quick meal preparation)
3.dice onions for future meals

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Anonymous said...

Cutest dog EVER!

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