Saturday, February 27, 2010

Packing the Pantry

I only spent $80 over the previous three weeks, so I started this week with $80. I stocked up on lots of chicken as well as produce. I only spent $63.78 for everything, which means I ended February with $16. 22 to put in the ever growing cow fund.

I am really excited that I have 14 dinners tucked away in the freezer. I am also excited to see my cow fund grow little by little. I must admit that I am always tempted to cash it in and see how much I have...but, I am determined to wait until the canister is full!! I am not really good wit h surprises :)

First stop was Aldi's...where I only had to pay $21.43 for everything pictured. I can't believe it, their prices are just unbeatable.

Next stop was Kroger...where I spent $38.34! Not too bad considering I got about 19 lbs. of chicken. I also bought 2 boxes of sugar free fruit bars. They are so good, and only 50 calories. No exaggeration, with that $80 in my pocket I felt like I could buy anything I wanted, but I only splurged a little...and they were on sale!
I also made a quick stop at Meijer to pick up lemons, tomato paste, cilantro, a jalapeno, and some tomatillos that were on the reduced rack. I spent $4.01!


Miriam said...

Way to go on the chicken stock-up!! Our chicken sale price wasn't nearly as good as everyone elses so I didn't get any this week. Hopefully soon! :)

Laurie said...

I get so jealous! I live in a podunky town and we have 1 (one) store to go to. Makes it hard to do those things but I like to try! To go to a bigger one would be over and hour one way. I try to do that if I am going to the big city anyway. Don't look in the canister~~~will be way more fun when you do !

Mrs. P. said...

Great job on building your pantry!! I miss getting to shop at Aldi's. A super resource for the frugal shopper!


Mandy said...

Great job!! I need to start utilizing aldi's more often!!!

Misty said...

I also stocked up on chicken. My first Kroger was out... SO I got a rain check and went back and bought all they had at the sale price... Funny that it was $3.49 a lb. and with the rain check they honored the $1.68 price! 10 packages of boneless Chicken breasts cost me $29.59!!!!

I did go to a 2nd Kroger after my rain check and bought tenderloins...

I think I am stocked on chicken for a while...

A GREAT deal!!!!

Katie said...

Way to go Misty! Somebody must have taught you well :)

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