Saturday, March 13, 2010

Packing the Pantry

I managed to get several good deals this week! There were a couple deals at both Kroger and Meijer that I wanted to I was busy running. It is kind of a pain to go to multiple stores, but I really have it down to a system. I always go after work and I have a Meijer and Aldi directly across the street from each other. Then I hit Kroger somewhere in between...there is a Kroger everywhere.

I spent a total of $17.92 for the week! There were a few more things I wanted to pick the romaine at Meijer...but they were out! As a reminder, if the store is out of stock make sure to get a rain check! I know that both Meijer and Kroger issue them, and they come in so handy considering it happens quite frequently on big sale items.

Kroger was the first stop...I got it all for $6.06! The lemons were $2 of that, the steamers were $.28 each, the potatoes were free, and the granola bars were a little less than $.75 each. We don't eat instant potatoes around here, but since they were free I stocked up so I could donate them. I am sure somebody will like them :)

I spent a total of $7.62 at Aldi. I needed to stock up on some basics. I buy ALL my basics there, unless there happens to be a better deal somewhere else.

I ran to Meijer after I read about a cereal deal...then the cereal wasn't part of the deal. While I was there I picked up some yogurt that was on sale. It was my turn to buy cups for work and I found a great deal on coffee-mate. I know that the small flavored ones were on sale for $1.5o and I had a coupon that would make it $.50. I looked on the bottom shelf and they had the regular large ones for $ I pain $.19 for it. I spent a total of $4.24 for all this...and the cups were $2.49 of that!
Did you get any great deals this week?


Pam said...

I use instant potatoes as a thickener when I make potato soup. Just a little is necessary and it adds a little more potatoe taste.

April said...

Wow you always get such great deals! I don't have a Kroger's or Aldi's close by, Just a Super Walmart and Sav A Lot. I sure wish there was a store in my area that offered double coupons. I just started using them and love the savings so far.

Tiffanee said...

Wow! You did awesome! Thanks for inspiring me!!

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