Monday, May 3, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

It is going to be another busy week, with another busy weekend! I know that Friday is my sisters birthday dinner, but I am not sure when/what we will be doing on Mother's Day yet. I guess we should really try to plan that soon :)

I also have a couple of reruns from last week...we didn't quite get to every meal!

Monday-Steak, Steamed Carrots, Salad

Tuesday-Chicken Cacciatore, Salad or Veggie(crock pot, freezer meal)

Wednesday-Spaghetti Pie (freezer meal), Salad

Thursday-Shredded enchiladas or something???, refried beans (freezer)

Friday-Kimery's Birthday Dinner...not sure what???

Saturday-Out to Eat

Sunday-Something for Mother's Day???

What do you usually do for your mother on Mother's Day? Do you have any family traditions?


April said...

Good looking menu this week! Nothing special planned here for Mother's Day, although my hubby does surprise me sometimes.

Misty said...

We do NOT eat out on Mother's Day unless we absolutely have to... 4 kids in a crowded restaurant is not my idea of a relaxing and peaceful meal. A few years ago Tim began grilling out and has done so ever since... it is nice because he cooks and the kids clean up. I look forward to it...

Katie said...

I agree Misty, it is way too crowded to eat out on Mother's it the day before or something!

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