Saturday, June 12, 2010

Packing the Pantry

While I didn't really want to load up on stuff since we were leaving, I wanted to take advantage of some of the deals this week.

I picked up some sweet potato fries...I bought bag didn't make it into the photo. I also picked up some free Warm Delights and cheap cookie bags. The pizza rolls were also a great deal, and while I don't eat them, Daniel does.

The sour cream was $.50 with coupons, and I really like Daisy. i have mentioned before that I love everything at Aldi, but I have realized I don't care for their sour cream. There really isn't anything wrong with it, it just had a strange consistency.

The organic arugula was a steal. It was on the reduced rack for $.50!!!

The brownies were an impulse buy and I bought the caramel syrup for my iced coffee. I am a huge iced coffee fan!!!!! How about you?

As you can see below my total for everything pictured was $16.48. Not bad considering there were several things I didn't have coupons for...they just looked good!!

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