Monday, August 9, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

I am just going to list some meals for the week and get to them when I can. I did this last week and it worked out pretty well. I have included lots of links this week, too...

Orange Honey Tilapia, Zucchini
Apple Chicken Salad
Tropical Shrimp Salad
Southwestern Pot Roast with Garbanzo, Tomato, and Cilantro Salad
Grilled Chicken, Veggies


Tightwad Mom said...

Yummy menu ideas! I am loving that the garden is starting to produce fresh veggies. How's your garden coming along?

Misty said...

Another yummy menu. :) The pot roast sounds delicious.

Katie said...

The garden is coming along pretty well! I have learned that I need to make it bigger next year! I absolutely love having all the fresh produce.

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