Saturday, August 28, 2010

Packing the Pantry

This week all I had to pick up a few last minute freezer cooking supplies along with a few regular items. I got almost everything from Aldi, but made a quick Meijer stop for enchilada sauce, english muffins, sweet potatoes, and the sausage that was on sale.

My total spent for the week was...$20.72!!
I tell you, I haven't been using buy one or two coupons a week for several weeks. I am ready for a good sale where I can really stock up.
How did you do this week?


LouAnne said...

Wow! You did very well! I haven't been doing so well in the grocery spending department. We started trying to "eat clean" and it's cleaning out our wallets! :-O We really need to find out ways to do this morning frugally!

LouAnne said...

Um.. "morning" is supposed to be "more." :-)

Tiffanee said...

You did awesome! I am ready for a good stock up sale also!!!

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