Thursday, September 9, 2010

Homemade Fruit and Yogurt Parfait

I have a serious love for McDonald's Fruit and Yogurt Parfaits!

Well, I tried to make my own and I think it actually turned out better...(maybe I am a little partial)!

I used light vanilla yogurt, fresh fruit, and homemade granola! It really was to die for.

I know this is more of an idea than a recipe...but I wanted to share! If you are a fellow parfait junkie you can save yourself a lot of money and maybe some calories!

I have an apple parfait idea I am looking forward to trying soon...I will be back with the results!

So, how about you?
What do you think would be good in a parfait????
Please share...I need some ideas!

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Jessica said...

Oh yum! That looks delish right now. I have those same little cups and I put banana pudding when I entertain. That's not a parfait but I just had to share. :)

Katie said...


I love those little cups...they are like mini trifle bowls! You are making me want some banana pudding now...I will serve them in the cups!!

I have had those cups for like 2 years and never used them. I saw them in Chicago and they were a MUST have. Daniel carried them all over the city that day...and 2 years later I am just now using them!

Tightwad Mom said...

I'm partial to frozen blueberries with vanilla yogurt and low fat vanilla almond granola, boring but yummy!

Katie said...

I love blueberries, too! Unfortunately for me I don't have any in the freezer. Hopefully there will be a deal soon!!

Lara said...

Yum! I'm always eating my yogurt with berries anyway, why not add granola too? What a great idea!

Dana said...

This looks so good. I would love to make one with raspberries. What a great lunch!

Cheryl said...

I like McDonalds parfaits too!!!

I always put granola in my yogurt...I like the crunch factor!!

But I've never added the fresh strawberries...and Tightwad Mom uses bluberries??? I have LOADS of those in the freezer...I'm going to give it a try!!! time you're down I'll give you a couple bags of my blueberries!!!


Katie said...


Yeah, the crunch factor is very important...I agree!

I would love some you grow them or something?

You know, since you said Uncle Chuck likes yogurt now...maybe it is time he expands his tastes and try a parfait!!!

Misty said...

I had a question for you all regarding yogurt... I love Mcdonald's parfaits, but I am not big on yogurt in general. Do you know of the better tasting brands so that I don't buy the real "yogurty" tasting ones...

I am definitely going to give this recipe a whirl... if I find a good yogurt... :)

Katie said...

Ok Misty, I know McDonald's does have good yogurt. I use the vanilla yogurt from Aldi that comes in a big container. If you want you can try mine sometime before you buy it.

I think it is good..but maybe others can help!!!

I think once you put the fruit and granola in it it won't bother you...?????

Girl, you are toooo picky! Maybe it is like pepper jelly, give it another whirl and you may love it :)

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