Wednesday, September 22, 2010

How to Begin Freezer Cooking

Does your schedule ever get so busy that you feel like you don't have time to cook dinner?

If the answer is yes...

Freezer cooking is something that can revolutionize the way you view dinner time!

Simply put, freezer cooking is an easy way to save time, money, and energy.

This was one of the first things that I ever talked about on this blog. It continues to be something I mention a lot, as I practice it quite frequently.

I have developed six strategies that I regularly use to save money on my grocery bill. I teach these strategies to women who are also looking to help their families by reducing the amount they spend at the grocery.

Of those strategies, freezer cooking always seems to dominate the conversation.


It appeals to the masses. Doesn’t everyone want to save time, money, and energy all the while enjoying delicious meals from their freezer?

I want to spend some time and go over everything freezer cooking-ish we can possibly think of. Many people I talk to want to do the whole thing, but feel they lack the know how. It seems overwhelming at first and that is what I want to help with. It is a really easy thing to do!.

I am not an expert by any means, but I have done this for a while. About two years ago I got it in my head that I wanted to do this. We went out and bought a big freezer. I bought lots of glass pans to freeze stuff in. I spent lots of money and jumped in head first with no knowledge of what I was doing. I made a list of 30 meals to make in a day and my mom and I about killed ourselves in the process.

I learned the hard way on a lot of things. I don't want you to do the same.

Young, old, single, newly married, homemaker, mother of twelve, empty nesters...

You may have to adapt the principles to work for your family situation, but I guarantee you will benefit!

I hope you are excited to go on this journey with me as we learn the blessing of feeding our freezers.

Next up: Freezer Cooking Misconceptions and Questions... Answered

If you have any questions about freezer cooking...leave a comment or shoot me an email!!


Tightwad Mom said...

You always have the best ideas and recipes. I love your blog, so I would like to award you the One Lovely Blog Award. Please stop by my blog to grab it!

Tiffanee said...

Some friends and I were talking about this same subject just this morning. Thanks for the perfect timing and I can't wait for more!! Thanks again!!

Misty said...

"the blessing of feeding our freezers"... I LOVE THAT! That is EXACTLY what freezer cooking is for me... a blessing! I have to admit, this is the area I was most interested in, yet still need to "control" when it comes to my budget... A good deal comes along, I tend to freezer cook up a storm, then realize that I have more month left at the end of my grocery money... That is what I need help in, just overall planning better.

But, this is my favorite thing about saving, I love looking at a pretty stocked freezer. :)

Misty said...

I forgot... Can't wait to learn more about this! Thanks for sharing!

Katie said...

TIghtwad Mom,

Thank you for thinking of me...I really appreciate it!

Katie said...


Wow! That is perfect timing. Make sure you tell your friends all about it :)

Katie said...

"Feeding our Freezer"...I good friend once told me a story about would be a great FOF post...maybe I will get to that soon.

Yeah, I everyone loves looking at a fully stocked freezer...nothing better!

As far as running out of money, Here is an idea:

Maybe (if you don't already) when you make a menu for the month take a look at the pantry/freezer and make a tentative grocery list...for the month.

Go get all the non perishables at the start of the month. That way all you need to buy is perishables and deals?

Hope that helps...and I hope it makes sense.

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