Sunday, October 10, 2010

My Eyes, God's Eyes, and the Conclusion...

My Eyes:

Do you ever have one of those busy days?

The kind of days when you have a list a mile long, you cram 48 hours of work into 24, you are on a mission and you don't want anyone getting in the way of that?

Friday was one of those days. First on the list was rolling on over to Caribou for a dark mocha and then I was on to my errands...or so I thought. CVS wasn't on the list, but the lot was empty, and I had some bucks to roll. I knew time would be tight, but I decided to go for it.

I power walked my way through the aisles, grabbed my items, and time was on my side.

I thought that the amount was too high, but I figured I just calculated wrong. Quite honestly I had Caribou on my mind and all I could think was, "dark mocha, dark mocha, dark mocha".

I power walked it on out to the car and looked at my receipt. She didn't enter my rain check amount and did overcharge me by a few bucks. SO....I ran back in for a quick little refund...

Long story short...she couldn't figure out how much to give me back. The math was quite simple, but it stumped her. She tried to do the math on paper several times, but just couldn't get it. By this time I was becoming increasingly frustrated...we are talking elementary math here.

This went on for 35 minutes! Yes, I timed it...

All that was going through my mind was "no dark mocha, no dark mocha...".

(You should know, you don't get between me and my coffee is dangerous business!)

God's Eyes:

Knock, knock, knock...the Lord nudged me to be kind.

I ignored Him.

At this time we were about ten minutes in and my kindness timer had gone off.

Ding. It Was Done. Nada. NO MORE kindness left...

Bang. Bang. Bang...He was back, stronger than ever...

This time I woke up. I started to see her through the eyes of Jesus.

I began to show her love. I told her it was no problem, I was not in a hurry. I let my coffee go, I could get it another day.

When I let Him take control my kindness was re-fueled, overflowing, filled to the brim.


CVS was not on my list for the day, but I don't believe that my going was by chance. I believe that the Lord intended it. He was teaching me a lesson. He wants me to see things through His eyes. I don't know if my kindness and patience made any kind of impact on her at all, but it helped me...

I learned that...

1. I need to focus more on showing Jesus to others...even if it is just by being kind and compassionate.

2. I need to make the most of every encounter...I may only have one chance. I want to make a difference in someones life.

3. I need to be in constant communion with the Lord begging that He will continue to refine me and polish me however painful the process may be.

By the way, you should know that the whole "power walking" thing was fabricated for the sake of being funny...I do love chasing me some deals, but come one...I am not a total nerd?!?


Tiffanee said...

Thanks for such a great reminder. When you think about it, isn't it cool how the Lord teaches us things and probably more often than we tend to stop and realize.

Misty said...

What a wonderful Faith of a Foodie and a GREAT way to start my week. Seeing people through the eyes of Christ... WOW!

Katie said...


Yes, it is really cool. I think we get so caught up in our own little world sometimes that we don't even hear when He is trying to talk to us.

Mom said...

I love reading Faith of a Foodie.

Cheryl said...

Katie...I tend to have an impatience with people when
a. I'm in a hurry

b. They are having trouble understanding something that is pretty simple....I mean...if I(underlined) can get MUST be simple...right????

Back around Easter....the Lord knocked on my heart the same way He did yours!!!

I realized that it's not all about ME and I am NOT the MAIN EVENT!!!

SO....I have been trying REAL hard to have a kinder heart!!

Not to say He hasn't had to knock again a few times to remind me....I guess I'm a SLOW learner......sigh!!!

Faith of a Foodie is probably my favorite day of reading you!!!!

Love you!!

Katie said...


Maybe I get my impatience from you? It must run in the family...
all the way back to Papaw :) Am I right???

Love you!

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