Sunday, November 28, 2010

Kindness Challenge Wrap Up

Here we are ending the month of November and in the final days of our Kindness Challenge. I have really enjoyed the challenge of daily showing kindness to others. I found myself striving to find new ways to show kindness each day.

I found it to be harder than I originally thought it would truly was a challenge some days. Not because I wanted to be mean, but rather, some days I really didn't encounter many people. I was challenged in finding something specific to do each and every day!

What do they takes three weeks to make a habit?
Well, I hope that I have turned this whole "kindness" into a that I show the love of Christ to others through my daily living even if it is just by being kind!

I want to hear from you...

What did you take away from the Kindness Challenge?

Was there one act of kindness that really stood out to you?


Misty said...

I really enjoyed the kindness challenge and have been thinking that I may just continue through the 1st of the year. I think that it truly opened my eyes to what a small act can really do, I walked into this challenge just wanting to bless people and I found that as time went on, I was receiving blessings. :)

Laurie said...

Thank you for the challenge! I too tried hard but sometimes found it difficult to accept my kindness!I hope it has become part of my lifestyle now. Just last night I was at the grocery store and 'caught' mmyself looking around to see who I could help unload groceries on the conveyor belt for. Thanks so much!

Katie said...


I think that is a great idea to carry it through. With Christmas on its way there will be tons of people to show kindness to. I agree, you end up being the one who gets the blessing out of it! Thanks for doing this with me!

Katie said...


I am so happy to hear your sounds like this is a habit for you! I love the idea of helping someone with their thoughtful!!

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