Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Value of a Cheerful Word

"An anxious heart weighs a man down, but a kind word cheers him up." - Proverbs 12:25

Since many of us a participating in the "Kindness Challenge" I thought it would be nice to talk a little on the subject this month. I hope you are finding some great ways to spread kindness to those around you. I know that you will feel such a blessing in your own life as you bless others.

I just wanted to share this verse to stress that an act of kindness can be something as little as a cheerful word to someone who is down.

So many people are barely able to walk burdened down by the load they carry. If you look around you will find no shortage of saddened, depressed, and worried people. Sometimes they are so deep in their own troubles that they see no light. We need to be that light. We need to point them to the One that will carry their load.

This is such a simple verse, but it is so true. You will never know how much just a kind word will cheer someone up.

So, my challenge would be for us to keep our eyes open, keep our hearts sensitive to the needs of others, and keep our lips always ready to spread cheer!

How are you doing with the "Kindness Challenge"?


Cheryl said...

Hi Kate.....

I'm doing OK...on the Kindness Challenge!!! It's hard when you are staying at home ALOT...which I have been doing lately!!! BUT...when I DO go out I have been trying to see people with different and "kinder" eyes!! I have found that it actually is calming to me when I think about what the other person might be feeling or going through rather than just focusing on my "need for speed" or my irritation with whatever the situation might me!!!

Let's all work on our Kindness Challenge and maybe it will not be a "challenge" anymore....but a "change" in our own life!!!!

Cheryl said...

OOPS....I should spell check!!! It's supposed to read "whatever the situation might BE...not "me"!!

Misty said...

I am really enjoying the Kindness Challenge... looking for ways each day to be kind to others, though taking the time to write in down in my journal is where I am falling short. But, I am getting there... Thank you for starting this and for this Scripture. I needed that today!

Katie said...


I like that the challenge will brings change and maybe it won't be such a challenge anymore :)

Katie said...


You don't have to write it whatever works for you! Glad you are enjoying it!

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