Thursday, January 13, 2011

Homemade Mocha

One thing that has been hard on me to give up on with this diet is my beloved Mocha! I had no idea I was drinking almost 400 calories each time...and that was with skim milk?!?

Of course you can go to any coffee shop anymore and order a drink sugar free with skim...but they all seem to have a strange aftertaste. I just can't get into that...

This past week I bought some Kroger brand hot chocolate (no sugar added) that was only 50 calories a package. I didn't have high hopes, but for $1 it was worth a try!

The result was really, really good! It didn't have that strange aftertaste or a fake chocolate flavor. I decided to try to make a homemade mocha. Now it didn't taste exactly like a Starbucks Mocha, but for a diet it was pretty tasty!

1 package Hot Chocolate (no sugar added)
1 1/2 teaspoon instant coffee
1 Tablespoon Light Cool Whip

Follow package directions on hot chocolate and add in the instant coffee. Top with the cool whip and enjoy!

Calories: 60


Elise Gabrielle said...

Oh! This is such a great idea! I love my Starbucks White Mocha, but have made an effort not to go to save some money as a broke college student, I have cut myself off. I love that this recipe is so simple that I can make it in my dorm room! Oh, and the calorie count? Perfect! Thanks for sharing! :]

Linda T said...

Nothing better than a mocha! Try mixing the cocoa mix right into your fresh brewed coffee, too. I add two tsp. of Fat free Coffee Mate powdered creamer (a 20 calorie addition!) for extra creaminess. It is easier to keep on hand than Cool Whip. A drop of vanilla adds another layer to the flavor of your mug!
Check your label. The Kroger No Sugar added mix (40 calorie version) does have the same artificial sweeteners as the Diet and gets additional sugars from the dairy solids. The "Diet version (25 calorie) cuts fats by omitting a lot of the dairy so the artificial sweet taste comes through more.
Long before coffee shops were on every corner, instant coffee, cocoa mix and creamer were a staple in my dorm room at college! Many times, a double shot of instant coffee went into the mix when we prepared for an all nighter! We had no fridge and were only allowed an electric pot to heat water! We were very creative and "cooked" lots of things. Thanks, Elise, for bring back some great memories!

The Mommy Teacher said...

Hey! I have been to your blog twice this week from two different linkies! Menu Plan and then Frugal Friday:) I too have a tough time giving up Mocha's...they are definitely my biggest weakness on this earth...I keep wondering what it is in them that makes them so addicting! Its not like I'm running to drink Hot Chocolate all the time
Anyway, to save money, I have been looking into trying to 're-create' the starbucks mocha.... this looks like a good alternative. I usually buy real cocoa powder without any sugar,and add agave nectar to it for the sweetener. All I need to do now is get the coffee out a voila! There's my mocha! Thanks so much!

Kimi said...

I'm a white chocolate mocha fan!! Hubby regular mocha fan!! I'm going to try this for him and see what he says!! Since we both are on better eating plans!!

Katie said...

@Elise- Yeah, I understand...those Starbucks drinks add up pretty quickly! WHile this is no way as good as tarbucks, it is a pretty good substitute when dieting.

@ Linda- Thanks for the info. I am new to the "make your own coffee drinks" so I will have to try the powdered creamer! I thought brewed coffee would be better, but since I don't drink coffee...and Daniel is working late (so he isn't home to make himself some) I haven't gotten to try that. Maybe this weekend!

Katie said...

@ Mommy Teacher- Well, thanks for visiting!! I would love to hear how your version turns out!

@ Kimi- I love me a white mocha, dark mocha, zebra mocha...really any mocha! I have seen mixes for white hot chocolate before (not sugar free) you could always try that. It won't replace his mocha, but if is restricting calories...this will be a good alternative!

Misty said...

Tim will LOVE this post as you know he loves Kroger. :) LOL! I can not wait to try one of these... will be adding these things to my shopping list.

I love how you are always coming up with our favorites by "cutting back"... Thanks!

Katie said...


Ha ha! Make sure you tell him I went Krogering!!! Yeah, you should do like Linda said and just put it into your coffee...since you normally drink it!

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