Monday, January 3, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

I'm back! I hope you all had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The New Year is bringing forth changes for me; one being a stricter diet. A lot stricter. The kind that is painfully tough, but very needed. Because of this my menu will be a little boring for a while.

Ham and eggs

Soup (Vegetable or
Chicken Tortilla) with Salad
Salad with Chicken/Steak

Ham, Green Beans, Salad
Steak with Cucumber, Feta, and Radish Salad
Southwest Chicken Frittata
Santa Fe London Broil, Broccoli and Cauliflower
Large Salad with Chicken
Grilled Chicken, Brussel Sprouts, Cauliflower

Anyone else starting a New Year diet?


Angie said...

This sounds like my week's menu! Boring but have to get it done if I want to cook any fun food to eat! Time to get rid of these extra pounds. Good luck!

Misty said...

Boy, oh boy have I missed my Cutting Back Kitchen posts! I smiled the minute I saw this post. :)

I don't think your menu sounds boring at all.

I would benefit from you sharing your "healthy" recipes.

Katie said...

I don't think your menu is boring at all! It sounds delicious and very healthy. I can't wait to see what other meals you plan so that I can "steal" your inspiration.

I'm a Lifetime member of Weight Watchers and currently work for them. I always put a focus on healthy eating, but I'm working especially hard right now to undo the damage of the holidays. My husband is also trying to lose some weight right now so he's on board with the healthy meals, too.

Katie said...

Angie- I guess we can be boring together this week! Good luck!!

Misty- Thanks for reading so faithfully, I appreciate it so much :)

Katie- You have a nice menu planned as well...I may have to steal a few of your ideas!

Kimi said...

I made your Chicken Tortilla soup yesterday for lunch and my son ate to big bowls of it when he got home from school. What I thought I'd be able to put in the freezer is now down to a single serving. We love it!!

I agree your menu does not sound boring. Sounds really good to me. I think everyone needs to eat healthier in the new year.

Glad to see you back!! I've missed your post!!

Katie said...


I am so glad to hear that you all liked the chicken tortilla soup!! Sounds like a huge hit for your family!

Kimi said...

Katie I have never made anything of yours my family has not liked. So happy I found your blog!!

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