Wednesday, April 20, 2011

How to Throw a Shower on a Budget: Step #3

3. Dare to be Different

The Point of the Shower

Do you ever see people throw extravagant showers all around you and start to feel the pressure that you have to do the same?

The point of the shower is not to beat out the last shower.

The point is to celebrate…and that my friend can be done on any budget, at any home, by anyone.

Isn’t that comforting?

What I Did for the Shower

I went slightly away from the norm on this shower and did mini desserts with tea and coffee...and of course, those cute water bottles.

I know a full meal is the norm nowadays. But desserts are my thing, and you gotta rock what you got, right?

I was able to provide desserts that I made, that would have cost me a lot more had I bought them from a bakery.

If I had chosen to have a pig roast couples shower, well...I would have had to hire a pig roaster man. I have no experience at that and couldn't roast it myself. So I would have to pay for their expertise.

Use Your Talents

My advice is to look at what YOU are good at and use that to your advantage.

Maybe you are a cookie baking pro...have a cookie bar with all of your specialties.

Maybe you have all kinds of Hawaiian decorations from a previous go with a Luau theme.

Maybe you are really crafty and can't cook worth a darn...well, you can save in the area of your craftiness and spend the money and buy the food.

You get the idea...

Do what you are good at and don’t feel like there are certain “rules” that you have to stick to.

The ideas are endless...make sure you share your shower ideas in the comment section!

If you are new here, you may want to go back and read the first two tips...

Making a Plan and Setting a Budget.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. Sometimes I struggle with feeling like I HAVE to do something in particular, even if it is out of my budget. I will remember this next time I throw a party.

Mom2fur said...

My daughter is getting married next year and her MofH and I were just talking about showers. I told her (MofH) that we shouldn't go overboard, since my daughter isn't into that sort of thing. It's more important to get some close friends and family together than to make a production out of it. Since the shower will take place in the late summer, I've offered my house and backyard. I'd rather see a simple buffet than something in a restaurant! Thanks for the encouragement that 'more expensive' and 'bigger' doesn't always mean 'better.'

Katie said...


I always think a simple buffet is nicer than something overly fancy. I had a backyard buffet for my parents 25th anniversary and it turned out nice.

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