Monday, November 16, 2009

Meijer Deal!

UPDATE: I read today that the catalina coupons are not printing anymore! You can still try, but I don't know if you will get the coupon!

I went to Meijer today and the I Can't Believe it's Not Butter STICKS are on sale for $1.69. (the tag said $2.19, but the rang up for $1.69) There were $1 coupons in Sunday's paper, and there is also a Meijer coupon for $1/2 at So, if you buy 2 at $1.69 and use 2 $1/1 coupons, and 1 $1/2 Meijer coupon it will be .38 cents for 2 packages. That is great...but, it gets much better! A $2 catalina coupon spits out for each one of them. You pay .38 cents and get back $4, a money maker of $3.62!!!!!!!!!

If you don't have the coupons from the paper, you can still do the deal and make out alright! You would buy 2 of the ICBINB sticks and use the Meijer mealbox coupon for $1/2. Your total would be $2.38 and you will get back 2 $2 off your next order coupons. A money maker of $1.62!!!!!!

The coupons also roll. That just means that you can go in and buy your 2 butters, pay, and the coupons will print out. Now you can do the whole thing again only when you have to pay, use one of the $2 coupons you just got. Then more coupons will print out. Basically you just keep using the coupons to keep your out of pocket low. With the Holiday's fast approaching you should take advantage of this deal!


Heather said...

I just came from Meijer's and the coupons did not print.

Katie said...

I am so sorry they didn't print. When I was there on Monday the tag said it was going til the 26th or 28th. I have heard that Meijer messed up and it ended on the 16th not the posted 26th. I have also heard that Meijer pulled the plug because so many people were getting it. At any rate, I am sorry you didn't get it. I hope you got some other good deals there though!

Heather said...

I kinda thought they may have pulled the plug. Yeah, I did get lots of other good deals as well.

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