Saturday, November 21, 2009

Packing the Pantry

Well, I bought a lot this week! I didn't really live up to my title as the "Cutting Back Kitchen", it was more like the "Stock up Kitchen" or "Over Budget Kitchen". That said, I knew when I saw the deals this week that it was going to be that way. As I have mentioned before, I take out $40 in cash every week, even though I usually only use about $25-$30 of it. Since I was so much under budget from two weeks prior ($40.35 to be exact), I had plenty leftover to cover. I spent a total of $47.29 and have about $18 OYNO coupons for Meijer (as good as cash)!


A chicken and over 8 lbs. of pork!


I got about 18 more packages of I can't believe it's not butter!
I just forgot to take the picture = (
Oh, I also got about 4 more pounds of bananas, but I gifted them to my sister!

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