Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thanksgiving Trivia

I will be posting some trivia about Thanksgiving over the next few days! Let's see how smart we really are! If you think you know the answer (or even if you have no clue), leave your guess in the comment section. I will post the trivia answer the day after the question comes out! So, make sure to check back. This should be fun learning experience!!!!!


Before being harvested and sold, an individual cranberry must bounce at least how many inches high to make sure they aren't too ripe?

a.) 1 inch

b.) 2 inches

c.) 3 inches

d.) 4 inches


Misty said...

Just guessing... A. 1 inch.

This is fun...

Dana said...

Mom is always right,:D I am going to guess 4 in.

Anonymous said...

2 inches?????

Daniel said...

How hard do they thrown them down? It could be 12 inches if thrown very hard...

My guess is 4 inches.

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