Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Trivia


Why is Thanksgiving always abserved on a Thursday?

a.) The Pilgrims felt it was sacreligous to have a party on the holy Sabbath day

b.) It took a lot of time and work to prepare all of this and by Thursday they were done and had to eat it all before things spoiled

c.) The Pilgrims went to church twice a week. Sundays and mid-prayer on Thursdays. They wanted to use mid-prayer as a time of thanksgiving


Misty said...

I'm guessing C

Greg said...

Could be A or C, but I am going with C.

No way it is B, those pilgrims could do in a day what we do in a week!

Daniel said...

C sounds like the right answer to me.

The only way the anser is B is if I'm doing the cooking!

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