Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Countdown to Christmas - Place Cards

This is the last post in the Countdown to Christmas series. Good thing, since it is almost Christmas. I can't believe it! Usually I am done with everything and so organized...not so much this year! Anyways...back to the place cards.

I love place cards because they add so much personalization...and can be done on the cheap! I made up a few for examples just using things I already had around the house. Hopefully this gives you some ideas and you can make your own for your Christmas dinner.

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Misty said...

I made place-settings for my Christmas Eve dinner with my family!!! Actually I enlisted my older 2 children, but we had fun and I LOVED how they turned out and the hour spent... I literally received SO many compliments!!! If I was tech-savvy I would post a picture... But I will try to get my hubby to email you one later. :)

I was all happy with my table spread and I spent NO money on plates, napkins, etc. I used leftover boxes I had and the dishes I use every day. :)

I'm hooked now... hahaha...

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