Friday, January 1, 2010

Cooking Resolutions

I can't believe it is 2010 already! 2009 was a great year for me, but it sure was a blur. I am hoping that 2010 will turn out even better! I have lots of New Year's Resolutions this year (both personal, bloggy, and cooking)- and I am committed to making them happen.

I promised earlier this week that I would post my "cooking" resolutions, and cross them off when they are completed. I cook all the time and love it, but there are still many things I don't know how to make or I just want to find that perfect recipe.

I am asking you to consider making a list of your own of things you want to learn in the kitchen. I don't know, but for me, if I don't make a list of goals I will always put them off. It doesn't have to be a list a mile long like mine, but maybe it will be! It doesn't have to be just could be to lower your grocery budget, start freezer cooking, menu plan, start couponing, etc. Feel free to leave a comment with your "kitchen/cooking resolutions", I really love to hear from you all. So, on with my warned-mine is really long...

Gourmet Pizza (Greek, southwest, ranch...)
Pizza Sauce (I need to find the perfect one)
Pita bread
Roasted Chicken with vegetables
Chinese Food
Real Mexican Food
Homemade Pasta
Fuji Apple Chicken Salad (love the one at Panera)
Fish (I am trying to make myself like it)
(update...don't like it, I tried very hard)
Chipotle Mayo (I LOVE it!)
California Chicken Sandwich (copycat of BJ'S)
Brussels sprouts
Crepes (with nutella...we became addicted to Nutella in Europe)
Gyro (or at least a version of one )
French Food
Shredded Pork Tacos

I know it is a long list, and it is going to keep me very busy! Hmmm...which one do I start on first!


Misty said...

Boy, I really need to think about my kitchen/cooking resolutions. I sat down with my family and asked them to name some things they'd like me to learn to cook this new year and I got blank stares... haha. (I even had paper and pen in hand). So, I guess my biggest thing is being a mother of 4 working maybe 10 hours a week, I would like to contribute more financially to my family by finding ways of cutting the family grocery and eating out budget. I would like to grow in my knowledge of couponing in the area of stockpiling and freezer cooking. I want to grow as a cook and not be so intimidated by the kitchen. :)

Anonymous said...

I am planning to try a $40.00 cash diet per week..... this way I won't be tempted to buy something not on the list.

Anonymous said...

I am planning on building a menu of 30 Min. meals. I am sure that my family would appreciate some new recipes.

Katie said...


I will try to come up with some 30 minutes meals for you! I think we are all looking for quick ideas!


Katie said...


You are doing so great at this whole couponing thing! I can't believe how far you have come, little Susie Homemaker! Ha Ha!

Just make a few small takes a while but I am sure the more you coupon, stockpile, and freezer will see the savings add up! Haven't you already been seeing the savings???

Growing as a cook, huh? I think you have already been doing that!

Misty said...


I went to a cash grocery budget a year or so ago when my husband and I took a budgeting class and I have to admit, there are times when I have to put things back, yet the confidence it has given me is priceless. I will never go back to paying with a debit card again... Try it. :)

I agree, I would like to see some 30 minute meals. I too tend to use the same handful of tried and true recipes... time to experiment! :)

Katie, you are absolutely right. I have grown so much from what you have taught me and my confidence in the kitchen has just been flourishing!! It is truly exciting... I used to dread cooking AND grocery shopping... now, I actually enjoy it. :)

Miriam said...

I have a REALLY good croissant recipe if you're interested. So flakey, butter, and just sooooo good!! I love your "food goals."

Katie said...


Please send me the recipe! I have never made croissants, but LOVE them...I would love to try a recipe I know will be good!

Here is my email:

Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

I, too, would love to learn to make croissants so please share the recipe with me!!!
One of my resolutions is to find more recipes that are non-american that I can eat with my food allergies. Many mexican, asian, thai, indian (etc...) dishes have turmeric, peppers, and/or shellfish/fish in them at restaurants. It has been a challenge in the past two years to even find the foods and brands of groceries that I can eat and now it is time to expand my cooking horizons! I have found 3 great asian recipes that I love and I am now in possession of an absolutely amazing wok...
So if anybody has any great recipes for mongolian chicken, my boyfriend and I would be very grateful since we can no longer go to our favorite restaurant (and they cook it with oysters...bummer!!!)
I also have never been able to eat indian or thai food d/t turmeric so I would love some of those recipes as well!!! -kimery (my email is

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