Friday, February 19, 2010

Deboning Chicken Breasts

A few weeks ago I shared how I would be attempting to debone chicken breasts, in an effort to save money. I received several tips and comments that assured me it would be no big deal. Well, they were right, there is nothing difficult about it!

Around here bone-in chicken breasts run about $1/lb. cheaper than the boneless variety. That is less expensive, right? Well, I had read varying viewpoints on this and wanted to try it and decide for myself. Some say it is a lot better deal to buy bone-in and some say there is about half waste so it isn't.

The results: I think it is worth it! Does that mean that I vow to never buy boneless chicken breasts again in the name of being frugal? No, sometimes the convenience is worth the money, I will probably do both from time to time.

Here are my calculations on the cost differences (please keep in mind that I am no expert, I have only done this once)! I think there was about half "waste" in the bone-in breasts. So, if that is accurate, that would make them both effectively the same price. I didn't throw away my "waste" though, I used it to make broth. It basically worked out that I got about 4 "cans worth" of broth for the effort to cut the bone off. Not bad considering it was pretty quick and easy!

Here is what I started with! Time to get your hands dirty and pull off that skin (yes, I said pull...that seemed to be the easiest way to do it).
Alright, now that he is skinless let's get on to the good stuff. I kind of stood my chicken up and found the bone. Then I took a sharp knife and cut along the bone. After the first one, you will totally get what I am trying to describe.

Once you cut the breast off the bone, you will see some meat left on the other side of the bone. Cut that off and cut into pieces. Now that you have one done, finish the rest!

Once you are done you will have a two big bowls like this. One of meat and one of bones for broth! Once they are all done package them up for future meals! Here is how I made my Chicken Broth!
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Misty said...

Way to go! If I buy some will you come over and de-bone it for me, please? Oh, and make my broth? haha... just kidding. Thanks for sharing...

Mrs. P. said...

I use my bones for making stock too. Be sure to roast those bones first for making the best tasting stock. Great job!!


Katie said...

I never thought to roast the bones, Gail. Thanks so much for the tip.

Jessica said...

Oh I needed this tutorial! I can get whole chickens really cheap at our grocery store but don't always want to cook it with the bone in. My mom will be so proud when I tell her I finally learned! :)

Katie said...

Jessica, I noticed that when we were there...they don't have boneless chicken breasts on any menu. How strange!

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