Friday, February 19, 2010

How Much Do Coupons Really Save?

I recently came across an interesting article, Doing the Math on Coupons , that I think will interest all of you. I highly encourage you to take a few minutes and check it out. Basically, it goes over how something that seems so small, a dollar here and there, can save you big bucks in the long haul.

It states that in 2008 coupon use was up 27%, which is the first year on year increase in 17 years. I guess with the economy, job losses, price increases…many people have been driven to save money.

If you are unsure of the benefit and money saved couponing, this article may change your mind... “Try asking yourself if you'd like to earn more than $100 an hour for a job you can do, at home, while sitting on the sofa watching TV.” (Brett Arends, Doing the Math on Coupons

I am interested to get your take on this...are you a couponer? why or why not?


The Prudent Patron said...

Thanks for sharing, that was an excellent read. I am always trying to get my friends to see it that way.

Miriam said...
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Miriam said...

You bet I coupon!! :) Why? Because I can't afford not to. We have a very limited grocery budget and by couponing we are able to buy (or get for free or almost free) and eat things that we would never be able to without coupons. My average savings is about 50%/week so far this year.

Yesterday with coupons and Extra Care Bucks I was able to "buy" $18 of toiletries for $.20 - this included the expensive razors that my husband prefers.

Couponing really helps us be able to spend our money wisely, and have more money to spend in other areas where savings aren't so readily available (like paying the medical bills for our pregnancy, etc.).

Angela said...

I've started using a lot more coupons recently, mainly because I can get so many of them online now.

I don't get the Sunday paper and the ads we get in the weekly junk don't have coupons in them so it used to be really hard for me to get coupons.

Now I find lots of coupons for things we actually buy online and I know it has helped a LOT. Last week, we saved over 40% which is a good week for us. Usually it is 25 - 30 %. I'd really like to get the savings even higher but I'm still learning.

Heidi said...

I use coupons, but sometimes have mixed feeling on them because I have found myself buying the item only because it had a coupon (stuff that I normally wouldn't have bought and didn't really need). I like to make my grocery list and then look at coupons so I don't buy extra items. I wish I had a grocery store that did double or triple coupons!

Katie said...

Heidi, it's too bad you don't have doubles. That really helps! I always compare store brand price to the price of the name brand item with the coupon. Often without sales the store brand is cheaper. I pretty much only use my coupoons when that item is also on sale.

Miriam, I agree CVS is a life saver! I get most of my home/body products free there.

Angela, there are so many coupons online. It is crazy the deals you can find.

Cheryl said...

Yes...I coupon...because my sweet, talented, smart and beautiful niece enticed me into it by showing me ALL the great deals she was getting...and I wanted in on the action!!!!

I ONLY use coupons for stuff I don't need if it is FREE...otherwise...if I have to pay ACTUAL money for BETTER be something I will use!!!

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