Saturday, March 6, 2010

Packing the Pantry

You will notice I did something a little different this week. I went to Sam's for some groceries. We have had a Sam's membership for a long time...because Sam's is just so cool! I needed to go there to get myself a new ipod, unfortunately my barely used one bit the dust. It was a sad, sad day and I have just reconciled buying a new one.

We used to buy a lot of food there until I realized most of it is not cheaper
(gasp)! It really isn't it. You are probably wondering how I know this for certain. Well, my friends, I went armed with a notebook and pen and calculated it all out. Most things can still be found cheaper at a discount store...maybe I will do a post on that sometime.

There are a few things that remain a good deal. Honey-it was a lot better deal than at Aldi, and I seem to use a lot of honey. Laughing Cow- my husband loves this, so being the good wife that I am I splurged the $12 and bought it. I also picked up romaine and bottled water.

Unfortunately I can't seem to find the receipt...but from memory I believe it was around $32.

I had plans to go to Kroger and Meijer for a few sales items, but I was sick several days with some stomach thing going around and didn't make it. Hopefully I will go later on today!


Mrs. P. said...

Besides Walmart, we don't have any discount centers here...I find I use Sam's a lot...but only for what is truly a good deal. I stopped there today and walked out with a bag of chopped romaine, some organic fresh spinach, a 10lb bag of blsl chicken breasts and my splurge...a bag of frozen cod loins. I spend $40.00.


Jessica said...

Although I haven't done my own comparisons, I've heard from many sources that it isn't a better deal. There is just something about buying groceries out of cardboard boxes and walking on concrete floors that people like. Go figure?!

The Prudent Homemaker said...

It really depends on what you buy. We don't have Aldi's here, and our stores don't double coupons. There are many things that aren't cheaper, so I don't get those. There are, however, many things that ARE a lot less at Sam's.

Here's why I like it:

Katie said...

Prudent Homemaker, I agree that there are items that are cheaper at Sam's. Where I live however we have both double coupons and Aldi' they usually beat Sam's out. If you don't have those things in your area I am sure that Sam's is probably your best bet.

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