Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Stuff the Storeroom

Kroger is really the place to be this week! With the meat deals it is another good week to consider doing some freezer cooking or at least stocking the freezer with meat.

I have shared some ideas for chicken before, so I thought I would share a few of the things I do with ground beef when I get it on sale. This beef cabbage soup is great, beef enchiladas, spaghetti sauce, and taco meat freezes well. Another thing I like to do is make up meatballs and meatloaves and freeze uncooked. It doesn't take much time to prepare initially, but it makes for an easy dinner...just thaw and cook!

Let me know if you have any questions on how to freeze or recipes! I would love to help!!

$.49 Carrots (2 lb. bag)
$.49 Onions (3 lb. bag)

$1.69/lb. Ground Chuck
$1.79/lb. Tyson Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts

$.67 Betty Crocker Potato Pouch
$.40/1 in the 3/1 Pillsbury insert
$40/1 Here or Here
= Free

$2.29 Nature Valley granola Bars
$.40/1 Here , Here , or Here (make sure to print 2 of each)
$.40/1 in the 3/7
= $1.49 each
***There is a catalina on these granola bars. (A catalina is a coupon that spits out of the machine by the register where you check out.) Buy 2 and receive a $1 off your next order coupon, buy 3 get $2 off your next order, or buy 4 or more and get $3 off your next order.

Here is the scenario that I am doing:
$9.16 for 4 boxes of granola bars
Minus $3.20 (use 4 coupons for .40/1 that will double)
Out of Pocket: $5.96
Get back: $3 off your next order coupon
Total: $2.96 ($.74 a box)


Misty said...

So, I am tackling my first ever freezer cooking attempt with this Ground Chuck sale... Here is what I am planning...

3 lbs. worth of meatballs~ (2-3 dinners)
6 lbs. of Meatloafs (3 loaves)
3 lbs. of Taco meat ~(2 dinners)
3 lbs. for 2 Beef Enchilada dinners
2 lbs. for 1 batch of Taco Soup (2 dinners)
1 lb for a batch of Beef Cabbage Soup (dinner and lunch portions)
5 lbs. of Ground beef (with onion) in 1 lb. packs
4 lbs. of Ground beef (NO onion) in 1 lb. packs

I'm excited (and nervous)... thinking of chicken ideas too...

Katie said...

I am so glad you are going to give this a try! It will take some time, BUT once it is done and you have ALL those meals in the freezer you will feel great!

Plus, just think of all those busy nights you won't have to really cook :)

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