Saturday, April 3, 2010

Packing the Pantry

I was so happy to get my grocery shopping done promptly on Monday afternoon. Is it just me or is that a great feeling. Starting the week off right, with a fridge full of groceries. Hey, I admit I may be a little strange!

First stop was Walmart to pick up some Snuggle...don't forget about those awesome high value coupons! I really truly believe the cashier I had had never seen a coupon before. She just stared at the coupons for about 2 minutes. Then she opened the bags up to see if in fact I did buy Snuggle (that was all I bought, yep, 4 Snuggles in the bag). After she saw that I did buy it she studied the coupons again, then studied the Snuggles again, the studied me...REPEAT! Finally, I mean like ten minutes later and with $4 less in my pocket I was walking out the door. I should have offered her a Snuggle to cheer her up...or maybe I should have taught her how to coupon?

Next stop was Aldi to pick up a few necessities. I spent $7.88, man nuts are expensive!

Last stop was Meijer for some real deals! I spent a total of 23.44! I was excited to get my favorite cereal on doesn't get better than Maple and Brown Sugar Mini Wheats! I found some beans for $.34 (1/2 off) because the cans were banged up, the cake mix was the same kinda deal.
I picked up lots and lots of fresh veggies. The napkins, hash browns, and the cheese spread were all $1 after coupons. I was so happy to find McCormick spices on sale...I bought poppy seeds and sesame seeds...I really felt like I needed them :) Oh, and I bought pistachios for some egg salad! Again, I repeat, why are nuts so stinking expensive???

My total for the week was $35.32!
Are you ready for the total going into the cow fund for the month of March????
In three short months of buckling down we have set aside $198.89 for the cow...which means we are half way there already. Actually, we have A LOT of change in the jar too, so we are probably a lot closer than half way.


April said...

I didn't know you were saving up to buy a cow. I would love to have one myself, but 90% of our land is woods, so I don't have enough space to keep one. I would love to have fresh milk, cream and butter all the time.

Katie said...

Well April, I am saving up for the meat of a cow! Back in January I started this whole "eating from the pantry" thing in efforts to save for it.

What I have done is take out my regualr $40 a week and only use as much as I need...which is an avg of $23 a week. The rest gets put in the fund so when it is time to buy the meat I already have the money saved.

I really would love to have a real cow, though. That would be cool, but I am kind of a city girl, I really wouldn't know anything about how to milk it and stuff. It would probably kick me in the head.

April said...

lol Yhea, you would want to make sure your hands weren't cold before you started milking. :) I'm looking around to see if anyone in my area has fresh milk for sale, that would be even better!

prov3130grl said...

Not strange. I love my Monday grocery shopping, too. By Saturday, our refrigerator is pretty desolate. I don't know how you get your grocercies so cheaply. I thought I was good. Maybe we just don't have the same good stores here, though I do always buy what is on sale...

Katie said...

prov3130, we are lucky to have double coupons at our Meijer and Kroger. They only double coupons up to $.50, but it still helps! That and shopping at Aldi really saves money!

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