Saturday, May 1, 2010

Packing the Pantry

I stocked up this week! The sales weren't great, but I think I ended up doing pretty good. First I went to Aldi...and I spent $22.42! I got several things we needed like... napkins, flour, sandwich bags, and lemons. I stocked up on some of the produce couldn't beat those prices. I also needed lunch stuff for my husband.

Ok, so the avocados were on sale for $.59 each! I got several because I LOVE me some avocado. I mean...yummy GUACAMOLE, it doesn't get any better than that. Does it???

Next stop was Meijer...and you won't believer what I found! Remember how I love that good old reduced rack? Well, I strolled by there as I usually do and I hit the jackpot...AVOCADOS! Six of them for $.40!!!! I had just bought 3 at Aldi, but I couldn't leave these behind. $.40!!!! Unheard of I tell you! I just may turn green after all 9 of these avocado's this week.

I stocked up on chicken, Lysol, and brie. I also picked up some stuff to make guacamole (cilantro, lime, and onion). I also bought some Panko bread crumbs for some freezer cooking chicken. I am excited, I have been wanting to try Panko for a while.

My total at Meijer was $21.97!!!

I spent a total of $44.39 this week. I had some money leftover the past few weeks, so I spent a little extra.

I guess it is time to share my total cow fund input for the month of April....$13.46!!!

I know, I know, it isn't that impressive this month. I have $212.35 in the cow fund now, plus a lot of change. There were a lot of good deals this month and we really stocked up both the freezer and the pantry!


April said...

Wow, what a great deal on those avocados! You sure are a hard act to follow when it comes to frugal shopping. :)

Katie said...

Yeah April, I have never seen avocados that cheap...especially the ones on the reduced rack!

Anonymous said...

Share your guacamole recipe?! Have always hated it till I tried some fresh stuff recently but haven't a clue how to make it. Your sounds fresh. Thanks! ~Kimi ps I loved your blog and have gained so much from it. In fact, making sweet n sour meatballs tonight for dinner.

Katie said...


Thank you so much for commenting...I really love to hear when people enjoy the site!!!

I will post the guacamole recipe soon for is so yummy!

Let me know how you like the sweet and sour meatballs!

Anonymous said...

Yummy! Just finished my sweet and sour meatballs. Easy to fix. Very filling. Son & I enjoyed it very much. I do think it was a bit on the sweet side so I will tame that back a bit next time I make them. AND, I'm a noodle kinda girl over rice and will be doing that as well. I know, rice especially brown is much better but well, I'm the one that has to work it off my butt. For me it's worth it to have noodles.

I have gained a lot from your site. For the first time in a long time I actually have complete meals in the freezer instead of just packages of meat on sale. Nice to pick a bag and not have to decide what to do with it!! Thank you!! Look forward to the guacamole recipe when you can.

Misty said...

You are well on your way to your cow girlfriend! :) Truly inspiring...

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