Friday, April 30, 2010

Homemade Refried Beans

My eyes have been opened.

My taste buds had mistakenly believed that canned refried beans were actually good.

I loved these homemade refried beans. I LOVED them. I will never turn back to canned thick pasty beans.

I mean it. Never. Ever. Never ever turn back.

Another great thing beans got going for them is their cost effectiveness. I made one big huge crock pot full of beans (a 2 lb. bag). We ate beans and rice for dinner the first night, and that was awesome as well. Then I ate some bean tacos the next day for lunch. Then we had refried beans with our dinner...and then I froze 2 more dinners worth. I know a lot of beans, but they were so good I couldn't resist.

That is a lot of beans for less than $1.50. You would be lucky to get 2 cans of refried beans for that, right?

I kind of feel guilty posting this recipe, because I don't believe there is a true recipe. I don't have exact measurements for you. You can just throw in the spices you like...and make it your own.

Dried pinto beans
Bacon - 4 slices, sliced into small pieces
Salt - to taste...I used about 2 tablespoons
Pepper - to taste
Minced Onion - to taste
Cayenne Pepper/Chili Powder - to taste, if you like a little spice
2 Tablespoons fat (butter, bacon grease, or shortening)

Start by cooking up some pinto beans. You can do it on the stove top or in the crock pot. I added 4 strips of bacon to mine. This gives good flavor. Cook them until they are tender.

I transferred my beans to another pot and added only some of the liquid. You want some liquid with the beans, but not too soupy. I was really scared because at first it seemed like I had added too much liquid, but they ended up just right.

Now it is time to add in your spices. I used salt, pepper, minced onion, cayenne, and chili powder. You can add in whatever you like, I like mine flavorful.

Mash with a potato masher. Mash. Keep mashing....

After some good mashing it is time to add in your fat.

Ok, get back to mashing. Keep mashing until you reach your desired consistency. I promise it is worth the effort...just think of it as you are getting your exercise in?!?

They are ready to eat now...enjoy!

*You could also blend them in the blender. Me...I didn't feel like dirtying the blender, but it is totally up to you. If you opt for the blender just be careful not to puree them too much...chunky is good.

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Debbie johnson said...

Sounds great! Definitely will try this. I tried your pork with pineapple and peppers, and even Larry liked it ( he is a bit picky) Thanks

Katie said...

Debbie, I am glad you guys liked the pulled pork! I love it, and it freezes great!

Anonymous said...

talk about! I use to do the refried beans at this resturant that I worked in Bryan Ohio...2# will be nothing to try doing 20# that is a work

Heather said...

I am so glad you posted this. I am planting beans in my garden for the sole purpose of making refried beans...even though I've never made them.

Katie said...

Elaine, I think I am going to invite you over to mash my beans next time!!!! Ha Ha!

Katie said...

Heather,you will love them. You may be eating a lot of them if you get a lot of beans.

Man, with all your planting I think your grocery budget will go down to nothing this summer!

April said...

LOVE homemade refried beans! I like using my blender, I'm lazy when it comes to using a masher. *grin*

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