Saturday, May 15, 2010

Packing the Pantry

I am baking up a storm today, but I wanted to share with you what I got this week! I initially didn't think the sales were that great, but I scored some great deals. First stop was Meijer were I got everything pictured below.

The photo is kind of blurry...I got 2 Jimmy Dean sausages, 2 Jimmy Dean breakfast skillets, and 1 turkey sausage! I think I have plenty of sausage now?!? I scored the 8 Betty Crocker brownies for $.50 each...and we can never have enough brownie mixes in this house (for someone that is a is hard to beat boxed brownies, they are wonderful)! I picked up a jumbo pack of romaine, radishes, celery, and cucumber! Oh, I can't forget the free stuff...Nivea was free (one of them was $1) and the buns were free! All the goods totaled $16.45!!!!!

Next stop was a quick run in to Aldi. I am really not sure why I picked up the ground turkey? It sounded good and I haven't bought any in a while?!?! We have already (or should I say I) eaten the pintos I made for the freezer. I bought two bags to cook up this week.

My total for Aldi was $13.11 for everything below! You know how I say you need to total up your cart and really pay attention when they ring you out?? Well, I was really preoccupied (maybe texting like a teenager) on this trip and didn't total it up...I just haphazardly threw stuff in the cart. Well, now that I am looking at my receipt I am realizing that I was overcharged by $2. That has never happened to me at Aldi...and it had to be the one time I was too busy texting to pay attention! (oh, and yes I will go get my money back...$2 is $2)

So the grand total for the week was, $29.56!

Ok, I better get back in the timer is calling. Have a great weekend everyone!


Tightwad Mom said...

You are the bargain Queen! Wear your Tiara proudly!!!!

Tightwad Mom said...
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Misty said...

Baking on a BEAUTIFUL day like this... that is dedication my dear friend! As always GREAT job... I should've had you pick me up some brownies... haha. I knew we are two peas in a pod... brownies from a box are the best! :)

April said...

So what kind of goodies did you wind up baking? :)

Tightwad Mom said...

I love your cute personality,and your blog! I want to do something nice for you, so come visit my blog soon to receive your Versatile Blogger Award!

Katie said...

April, I had some cakes to decorate...nothing for us to keep! I baked all day, and all the cakes are finally out the door...leaving me with a nice big mess :)

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