Saturday, May 29, 2010

Packing the Pantry

I was very lazy this week, I hope you can forgive me. I failed to take a picture of my second trip to the grocery...I just didn't feel like it! I went to Meijer early in the week to get some deals. I really didn't "need" anything else...but, it is Daniel's birthday Sunday. Normally we just go out, but I thought I would make something extra special at home.

We are going to eat his and turf...I still have to go get the lobster at Sam's! I know, so not cutting back, but he likes it and he is worth it! I have never been too keen on lobster, but I am willing to give it another try. I am also trying my hand at creamed spinach, another of his favorites. Oh, and a special dessert he has been talking about making for a year!

Ok, so the real reason I am going to make all this is I feel guilty after my birthday last summer. He made dinner for me, but not just any dinner. It was awesome and he went through a lot of trouble, so I want to do the same (I can't let him out-do me). He made steaks, Parmesan roasted asparagus, salad with fresh roasted red peppers and onions, a special drink, and fire roasted strawberries over ice cream. It was awesome!

Above is a picture of my first trip this week! I spent just over $22 for everything. I was happy to see the Powerade on sale as we dring it all the time in the summer. I really stocked up on the meat, as well.

On the last trip I spent just under $20! I picked up all the special ingredients for the dinner as well as many extra things!

Also, it is the end of May so I guess it is time for me to tally up the amount going in the "cow fund"!

$37.18 was put in the cow fund for the month of May!!! That is an average of $30 a week this month!!!

That makes a total of $249.53 saved from January-May!!!!!!


Tightwad Mom said...

Your hubby sounds like a keeper!

Katie said...

Yeah, I think I will keep him :) ha ha!

Chef Dennis said...

I get my lobster at Sam's too, have you ever tried grilling it? My wife loves grilled lobster and a grilled Caesar salad...if this interests you, i have a post on my blog

Misty said...

How did Daniel's birthday surf and turf go???

Katie said...

Dennis, I will have to check out that post! I have never grilled a salad...sounds interesting!

Katie said...

Misty, it went well. We ended up getting jumbo shrimp instead of lobster which I was thankful for...I am not a lobster fan!

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