Saturday, July 17, 2010

Packing the Pantry

I guess you could say that I was packing the pantry this week! I didn't grocery shop last week, and we were out of a lot of things. I was never so happy to grocery shop...

First stop was Aldi to get some necessities. We only had one bag of popcorn (gasp) left in the house so I had to get some. If you are in the market for popcorn let me tell you, you need to try Aldi's fit and active popcorn. It has that wonderful butter flavor without the calories. Even better is its price of $1.49 for like 6 packages, I think. I also picked up some balsamic glaze for only $2.49. What a steal!

My bill totaled $22.89 for everything!

I loaded up at Meijer as well. Nature Valley Granola Bars...necessities, again! I think Daniel eats one a day! I was ecstatic to see Dove on sale this week, the chocolate that is. I love Dove dark, it really doesn't get much better?!?!

My total was $22.11

Last stop was Kroger to stock up on some G2. With Daniel always on the run to soccer or golf league he is always in need of a Gatorade. With the sale they were only $.49, I may go back for some more.

While I was walking around I found an awesome cheese deal. I got 10 packages for $.88 each!!!
So my total for Kroger was $16.66, BUT I had a gift card that covered it, so I won't count it in my total for the week. Gotta love the gift cards!
Total for the week was...$45 even (that doesn't happen everyday, does it?)
I had $33 left over from last week, so I fully expected to go over this week :)


Misty said...

You impress me each week! :) I have never tried the popcorn from Aldi's but will be as we are OUT! That is a GREAT price.

Amy said...

Thanks to you...I'm hooked on Aldi's popcorn. One of the few things I love that wont pack on the pounds.

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