Monday, July 19, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

My menu planning is becoming a lot more challenging. Daniel is coaching soccer this year, so he is going to be getting home well after dinner every night. The hard part is that I can't wait til 9 to eat, so I need to make food that is easily reheatable for him and grill free. Or...I need a crash course in grilling!

Example: This week I had burgers on the menu. No big deal, right? Well, Daniel is the griller in the house, I have never attempted it, but he wasn't home. I figured I would just use my grill pan to cook my burger...the big grill kind of scares me...too many buttons and knobs. I am telling you, this was one of the worst burgers I have ever had. It was so dried out. I mutilated the poor thing trying to see if it was cooked through. There wasn't a drop of juice to be found!

I have a lot of appreciation for you grillers, it isn't as easy as it looks to grill a juicy burger!

I have really got to work on my meat skills!

Monday-Honey Lime Chicken, Veggies
Tuesday-BLT, Loaded Potato Salad
Wednesday-Tacos, Refried Beans
Thursday-Cake Stuff...Grab Something
Friday-Sunday...out of town for soccer stuff


April said...

I don't grill much either, I usually leave it to my hubby or son. One thing I found helpful was a meat thermometer. Just stick the tip into the meat and it tells you if it's done, without having to cut it open. They have them at Walmart pretty cheap.

Laurie said...

We run into the same menu planning problem! It has gotten worse as my girls have gotten older. What works for us is cereal for that person, or heating up leftovers, if there are any. Usually we just do the cereal thing. We also keep protein bars in teh cabinet fo rthis reason too. They are easy to grab when we are heading out the door to a sporting event and won't get back til late.

Katie said...


Thanks for reminding me about the good old thermometer. We have a digital one, I don't know why that never entered my mind.

Katie said...


I need to pick up some protein bars, that is a great idea. I used to buy the cliff bars, and they are really filling.

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