Sunday, July 11, 2010

Packing the Pantry/Freezer Cooking

I began this week with high goals and a way to long to do list, and I only got as far as making a few freezer meals. I needed some healthy lunch options...instead of just not eating. I made bagel pizza's on bagel thins...after being inspired here. I also made some ground turkey stuffed peppers. Both are really tasty, and I will be sharing recipes soon!

I quit my day job a couple of months ago, and I have absolutely loved being home.. That said, I can't stay home very long without getting out...even just to Dunkin for an iced coffee. When I was working outside the home I couldn't stay home for even an entire day without leaving. I would get all stir crazy and go out for a drive.

I have really gotten a lot better, but this week I stayed home for three whole days without leaving. I have been sick, and it totally stinks. I hate watching I have been insanely bored. How in the world can people lay around and watch TV all day? What do they watch...I mean, I have cable and still can't find anything worthy of watching?

For the Packing the Pantry segment: I had Daniel pick up a few things at the grocery store for me...which totaled $7! Not very exciting!

I am hoping for a more productive week and a major trip to the grocery store!


Tightwad Mom said...

Your the best! Thanks for linking to my blog. I can't wait for the stuffed pepper recipe; they are one of my favorites!

Katie said...

No problem...thank you for sharing such a great idea!

I too love stuffed peppers, and I love that this is a "healthy" version with brown rice and turkey.

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