Thursday, July 8, 2010

Scoring Free Birthday Food

Birthday's have been on the brain in our household lately. While turning another year older isn't too exciting, the birthday coupons are! Being that I am a frugal foodie kind of gal...the words "food" and "free" always tend to get me excited!

I wanted to share a little about the coupons I received this year...

Caribou-Free Drink (any size)...yeah, this is my fav...Turtle Mocha Cooler
Starbucks-Free Drink (any way you like it)...Extra Coffee Caramel Frap for me, thanks
Dunkin Donuts-Free Med Drink...I have a serious addiction to their iced coffee

(Ok, can you tell I like coffee shops?)

Moe's Southwest Grill-Free entree
Qdoba Mexican Grill-B1G1 entree free

The ones listed above are ones I ALWAYS use...

Here are some other ones I get, that I can use if I feel like it...

Johnny Rockets
Texas Roadhouse
Smoothie King
Dairy Queen

Since I am all into the coffee drinks and Mexican food, I frequent those restaurants and look forward to those coupons every year. I always sign up for this kind of stuff when I see it. It doesn't hurt to sign is free and if you don't want to use it simply delete it from your inbox.

I am sure there are plenty of other places that do this sort of thing, so I would advise you to look up your favorite restaurants and see if they offer birthday clubs!

Just another way to save money and eat out frugally!

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