Monday, July 19, 2010

Stuff the Storeroom and Computer Woes

I have had an unfortunate incident with my poor laptop and it is out of commission right now. I had to wait until Daniel got home from soccer so I could borrow his laptop, so I have just now been able to look up the deals.

So, before I get to the deals I am going to take this opportunity to ramble a little...because I feel like it. Last night I was Googling how to do some computer stuff...when all of the sudden this crazy garbage started overtaking my computer.

Stuff started flashing up everywhere with WARNING and so on. This happened about 10:30 and poor Daniel was up til 3:30 working on it...and it couldn't be fixed. Now he is working on it again, but I don't think it can't be fixed here. I am hoping the Geek Squad can come to the rescue, because I love my little laptop. I am so attached to it. I need it.

Also, the computer was protected by an anti-virus, security this shouldn't have happened. I just hope that i can get it fixed and back to normal soon!

On to the deals that you came to see...


$1.79/lb. Boneless Pork Loin

10/$5 Yoplait Yogurt
-$.45/6 Here
-$.40/6 in the 7/24 SS
-$.50/8 in the 7/24 SS
=as low as $.35 each after coupon

$.99 Country Crock Spread
-$.40/1 Here

$2/3 Bagel Bites (9 count)
-$1/1 in the 6/13 SS
-$1/1 Here


The Mega Sale is continuing on this 10 items and get $5 off your order! Here are a couple of the good deals.

$.99 Gatorade
=$.49 after mega sale discount

$2.47 Breyers Ice Cream
-$.75/2 in the 6/27 SS
=$1.47 each after coupon and mega discount


Regina said...

hope you find a hero to fix your computer woes. such a mess when technology decides to be testy!!

Misty said...

That stinks about your computer... hopefully you'll get it worked out soon :)

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