Saturday, September 4, 2010

Packing the Pantry

I guess you could say I really stocked up this week...on toilet paper, cheese, and chicken.

What else does one need? LOL!

I stopped at Aldi early in the week. Oh yeah, I also stopped at Meijer...remember....they were out of chicken. I spent $24.96!!!

Then I ventured back over to Meijer for the friend gave me a heads was back in stock (thanks Misty)! I tell you, that right there...that is what friends are keep us posted on the deals, right? Please tell me you have a fellow deal hunting friend! They are a lifesaver!

I sure did buy a lot of chicken, I spent close to a weeks worth of grocery money just on chicken, but it was worth it.

The cheese was an awesome deal, I just found out about it or I would have told you in the STS post...sorry :(

I bought 10 bricks of cheese. After coupons I spent $6.66 (I think) and I got a $5 catalina. That equals out to be $.16 each...very cheap!

I spent $48.62 this trip to Meijer...yikes! That chicken better last a lifetime...I'm just sayin'.

My total for the week was...$73.58.

Now, before you go thinking I totally blew my budget, hear me out. I planned to do this. I had $37.47 left over for the month and since the cow fund is getting pretty large I figured it would be best spent on chicken.

For the month of August...nothing goes in the cow fund. It will remain at $367.93 plus all of our accumulating change!


kimery said...

You didn't say how much you paid for the toilet paper. I usually buy the big mama pack that lasts me like 4 months or so!!! Which was is usually better to get it? (IF you are bad at couponing?) Also, if you have any extra...your dear little sister just paid off a school loan yesterday that could have purchased at least 30 cows!!!

Misty said...

That's what friends are for... well, that and SO much more. :) Great job as always...

Cheryl said...

Hey Katie....I am of the mind set...that if it's a GOOD stock up's ok to blow the budget!!!

Cause you can make it up later by NOT buying chicken that is NOT on sale!!!

Kimery...the Big Mama pack might last YOU 4 months...but you don't have Caden using the bathroom at your house!!!! LOL

Hope the camping trip was AWESOME!!!

Love you guys!!!

Katie said...


Well...I paid $2.14 for each pack.

If you aren't a "good" couponer I would say that the big pack is usually the way to go. Check for deals and looks at the price per ounce because sometimes the big pack will be more...but usually not.

The thing is I didn't use coupons for that toilet paper. They ran a 3 day sale and I had a just get a feel of good prices and try to buy then...if you need it or not.

If you need a pack come on over...I think there is 4 more big packs in the basement. I probably have enough for a year!

Good job on the loans!

Katie said...


Yeah, you are right, sometimes it is ok to blow the budget. I just hate to do it. Usually meat is on sale more frequently and I don't have to.

Yes, the trip was awesome...we just got back! It was nice and cool up there!

Love ya too! Miss you!!

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