Saturday, December 18, 2010

Packing the Pantry and The BEST Tea EVER!

It seems like forever since I have done a Packing the Pantry post. Quit your worrying, we have been surviving all right, I've just been neglectful in photographing the process. Is anyone with me when I say I don't particularly enjoy the duty of grocery shopping?

Lately this process has been more annoying to me than normal. I have been going shopping after working out and after all that sweaty fun...the last thing I want to do is get all of the food out again, haul it to the table, arrange it, take a picture, and finally put it away!

Anyways, I got a picture this week. I spent $20 at Meijer for everything below. I mainly stocked up on fresh fruit, veggies, and baking supplies for my fudge!

I found this gem of a tea in Arizona last week. We went to
The Coffee Shop and I ordered an Earl Grey tea...which is the most favorite-ist flavor of tea ever. I went about my usual routine of letting it steep the proper amount of time, adding a touch of sugar and a touch of honey, and finishing it off with ample cream. It just so happened to be the BEST cup of tea I have ever had.

I insisted on going back a few days later to find out what kind of tea it was.
(No...I couldn't just call...I needed one more cup of this insane goodness)

We twittered The Coffee Shop? Or we tweeted them? Or we sent them a tweet?
(I am sorry, but I'm not up on the correct twitter terminology)

They answered to whatever it was that I sent them and the world of Revolution tea was opened up to me. I declared it the best tea evvaahhhh, and I will never be the same. I mean it.

I searched several stores until I found it here at Cincinnati's finest, Jungle Jims. I also bought their Sweet Ginger Peach. Both are amazing. I am a big fan of loose leaf tea and I love that this is the best of both worlds. You have your good tea leaves, but they are put into flow through infuser bags so no tea infuser is necessary.

It really is the little things that make for a good being a proper cup of tea!

Anyways, I spent $10 on two boxes of tea and about $4 on a few others milk and more oranges. I guess that means I spent a total of $34 this week, so a little goes into the cow fund. It is almost time to figure out the total in the cow fund...are you excited? I sure am.


Misty said...

Yeah, I admit, I was wondering what you all were feasting on with no packing the pantry posts?!? I am weird, I know...

So, I must admit, I have never been a big fan of earl grey tea... but I think I may just have to come over and enjoy a cup of both and try them out, that is... if I get an invite. :)

Katie said...

Misty, not a fan of Earl Grey? I don't konw what is wrong with you? Yes, come over whenever you don't need an invite!

cleartrampoline said...

I've had that tea and I have to agree with you, it's really good! In fact you reminded me of it, I ran out a few months ago and I should totally buy another box soon!

Katie said...


I am glad to hear that you agree with me...the tea is wonderful!! Thanks for stopping by!

Misty said...

Ok, so I tried some Earl Gray this week and OH MY was it YUMMY! To think I have been missing out on this for years...

Elise Gabrielle said...

I'm recently new to the tea scene, and have only really tried different variations of green tea and chai. I want to find this tea so bad! I will have to go to a specialty store! :] Any other suggestions? Maybe I will get Earl Gray next time I go to the store!

Katie said...


It is kind of hard to find. If you can't find it just try a regular Earl is very good with a little cream and sugar. I also like Orange Spice tea!!

Best Green Tea said...


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