Monday, March 7, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

I am more than ready for spring time. I have been keeping my windows open even when it is entirely too cold to do so. Rain. Cold. doesn't matter. It's a wonder I am not sick with this new open window obsession. I just love hearing the birds chirping...I simply cannot resist. I planned a few grill meals to get more in the spring spirit!

Oh, and I plan to make some hummingbird cupcakes to help get in the spring spirit! I have never made hummingbird cake, but it sounds delicious and springy and I need to use up some bananas!

What better way to minimize food waste than with CUPCAKES?

Monday- Taco Salad
Tuesday- Chicken Pineapple Fried Rice, Salad
Wednesday- Bean and Cheese Quesadillas, Guacamole with a Kick, and Sour Cream
Thursday- Naked Burgers, Broccoli Slaw, Fruit
Friday- Out to Eat
Saturday- Out to Eat
Sunday- Parmesan Garlic Chicken, Mixed Veggies, and Salad

Just curious...what is your favorite type of CUPCAKE?


Misty said...

You menu had me at Chicken Pineapple Fried Rice! We LOVE your Pineapple Pork recipe, so I can't wait until you share this with us!!! Have you tried it yet or is this your first time making it??

I tell you, I love Cupcakes, especially since I started watching Cupcake Wars on Food Network. :) My favorite flavor cupcake though... hmmm... that's tricky? I would have to say those ones you made for church were DELICIOUS!!! Weren't they strawberry? The ones for Pastor Appreciation Day?

Misty said...

Your menu... Man, the comment window needs a spell/grammar checker. :)

Katie said...


This is going to be a new made up recipe. I made ham fried rice last week and we are now obsessed with fried rice!!

I love cupcake wars! Thanks for sharing!!

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