Monday, April 4, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

This week is a good week because it means that all of my hard work around the house is coming to an end. I am on target to finally get it all done tomorrow! I am a few days behind when I wanted to be done, but I am just excited to be almost there. I am so exhausted, and don't look to remodel anything else in the near future.

I am also hosting a bridal shower for my sister this Saturday. I am having a "dessert shower", in effort to do something a little different. Don't know if it is in fact different, but I have never been to a dessert shower. It is looking like my week is going to be consumed with baking, planning last minute stuff, making water bottle labels...and on and on. I am finding out there is a lot to a shower.

Monday- Ham Fried Rice, Salad

Tuesday- Flank Steak, Sauteed Sugar Snap Peas and Cherry Tomatoes

Wednesday- Beef Cabbage Soup (freezer), Salad

Thursday- Naked Burgers, Broccoli Slaw, Corn

Friday- Out to Eat

Saturday- Dinner with Family

Sunday- Out to Eat

I am looking for a few game ideas that aren't too silly.

Anyone have a good bridal shower game?


Misty said...

I am SO impressed by all you are able to do girl! I start projects and then tucker out halfway through, but you have held strong and must be excited to see the end in sight.

I think a dessert shower sounds YUMMY! You know the games I really like playing are the ones where you get to know the couple best. The questions with fav. song, first date, nicknames, those types of things. They are always fun to learn more about the bride and groom. Most don't know the answer, so it's fun for everyone to learn and the bride to share stories. :)

Katie said...


Thanks for the game ideas. I will have to look for something like that. I always hate playing tacky games...

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