Monday, January 11, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Between meet-ups with friends, family in town, cakes, and church stuff we are going to be REALLY busy this week. That means we won’t be eating at home much, but I guess that is ok!

Monday- Turkey and Wild Rice Soup (crock pot) (made from my turkey carcass…I just love to say that, I am so proud of myself for manning up and using the carcass. Ha, how frugal am I??)
Tuesday- Porcupine Balls, Vegetables, Salad
Wednesday-out with friends
Thursday-Beef and Noodles (crock pot), Salad
Friday-eating with the family
Saturday-eating with the family
Sunday-Turkey Tetrazzini, Salad
Breakfast: yogurt, fruit, cereal, oatmeal, morning glory muffins (freezer)
Lunch: leftovers, salads
Snack: fruit, smoothies, veggies, chex mix, and pretzels


Misty said...

So, I HAVE to ask... What are Porcupine Balls??? :)

Daniel said...

The soup made from the turkey carcass was awesome! Maybe the recipe will appear on the blog one day... ;-)

Katie said...

It will appear shortly on this blog,Daniel...very soon! Glad you liked it!

Katie said...

Oh yeah, Daniel, thanks for reading even though you live "cutting back"! Ha Ha!

Katie said...

Misty, Porcupine balls are like a meatball kind of thing. The have rice in them and it kind of pokes out like a porcupine. I will post the recipe soon!

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