Saturday, January 23, 2010

Packing the Pantry

I hadn't been to the store all week, so my husband and I went tonight to load up. I tell ya...we sure know how to party on Friday nights! We headed straight to the produce section of Meijer to get the apples for my famous apple pie (ok it really isn't famous at all...only a handful of people have ever had it), and low and behold there were BANANAS on the reduced rack. Good news is that I had my husband to carry them AND I had a injuries like the last time. So, we got a little carried away and bought 19.19 pounds of them, but still an improvement from the 40 pounds purchased last time. I don't know why but I absolutely cannot resist $.10 bananas. I guess I am going to be busy freezing bananas.

I was a bad couponer, I didn't do any coupon match-ups this week...I didn't get around to it. I mentioned on Menu Plan Monday that were are having company for lunch Sunday. I had planned to make something pretty easy like spaghetti and brownies since it is right after church. That sounds good, right? Well, one of the guests said with much enthusiasm last week, "We are really excited because we heard you are a REALLY good cook!!!!"

Ummm...ok....who told her that, because that is definitely not me! So now the pressure is on and I am scared to cook for them!! I decided to make apple pie because that is a little better than Duncan Hines brownies. I love to cook, but I admit I very rarely have people for dinner because it is intimidating to me. Does anyone else feel that way????

Meijer total= $13.03

Aldi total= $7.81
Total spent this week is $20.84 and $19.16 dumped into the cow fund!


Miriam said...

Who says spaghetti can't be "fabulous?" :) Honestly, the state of my house (is it clean enough?!?! Are the improvement projects/boards/etc out of sight?!?!) usually has me more nervous than the food. I'm sure whatever you make will be very delicious :)

Noelle said...

Love the bananas, now don't go bananas worrying about what you will serve. It will be fabulous and delicious because you put your heart in it!

Katie said...

Noelle, very cute! I never would have thought of that!

Heidi said...

10 cent bananas? I've never seen them cheaper than 38 cents!!! WOW. I can never find the bargins :)

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