Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Stuff the Storeroom

Here are a few of the deals I see…

$1 Strawberries

$1 Green Giant Steamers
$.50/1 Here
$.50/1 Here
$.50/1 Here
$.50/1 Here
$.50/2 in the 2/21 and 3/7 SS
$.40/1 in the 3/28 SS
= Free to $.50

$2 Ore Ida Hash browns
$1 Here
$1 in the 3/21 SS
= $1

$6.99 All Detergent *Buy one All get a Snuggle free
$3/1 Snuggle in the 3/28 RP
$2/1 All in the 2/7 RP
=$1.99 for both

$1.99/lb. Chicken Breast

$1.79/lb. Pork Chops

$.79 Baking Potatoes (4 ct.)
(These would be great for freezing some twice baked potatoes)


April said...

What a great deal you got on the strawberries. The cheapest I've found them in my area is $1.50.

Katie said...

Yes April, it is a great deal! I have seen them for $1 before, but always in the summer.

Misty said...

What is your recipe for twice baked potatoes? Sounds yummy... I thought someone told me potatoes didn't freeze well...

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