Thursday, September 23, 2010

How Do You Organize Your Coupons?

Last week I took you all into my dining room where my messy stack of coupons has been lurking for far too long. I began to set a 30 minute timer each day (except the weekend), and my stack is progressively getting smaller. I guess it took me months to get a stack that big, so it is going to take a while to get rid of it…just doing 30 minutes a day.

Anyways, it started a conversation of what is the best way to organize you coupons. I discovered a long time ago that the binder method works for me. I talked about it here, when I first started blogging.

I love my hot pink binder!

I am a creature of habit. I find something that works, and well, we are glued for life.

You want an example?

Well, ok then...back in high school I discovered a great color of eye shadow, Champagne by Cover Girl.

It was love at first application.

Now, ten years out of high school (yikes…I feel so old) it is still in my make up collection (and no, it isn’t sorely out of style or anything). I have a ton of other eye shadows, but that is still my favorite.

See, once I find something I like, I am sold…never to change my mind.

BUT, my wonderful Aunt Cherie told me about her way of organizing coupons. I have had plenty of time to mull it over during my dreaded clipping time, and I just may be up for the change. She was kind enough to send us some pictures…

All you do is buy one of these plastic containers you see above at a place like Wal-Mart. She said hers was about $8. Then purchase some hanging files and get to work. Date your inserts when you get them (like in the photo below) and put them in the proper months file.

When you need a coupon, just pull out that insert and clip!

It seems like lately I am using less and less coupons, so it may be a time saver for me to switch to this method.

Which method works better for you?

Are you a binder gal or a hanging file kinda gal?


Tightwad Mom said...

I'm a binder kind of gal(I am also a creature of habit kind of gal,too). That way, I only clip coupons for things that use all the time.

Misty said...

I am a binder gal too (learned from the best) :) It goes along with a nice pretty stocked freezer, well, I love a nice pretty, organized binder (when I clip coupons) LOL. :)

Although I am really interested in the hanging folder system, I do have a question... If you are only cutting coupons you NEED to take with you, do you feel like you miss sales or specials because that coupon is at home?? Hope I am making sense...

Kimi said...

Oh crap..forgot to take the picture. I will do that this weekend!! I have done the hanging coupons too. And the binder. Just got my 19 yr old daughter to start doing coupons!! Were trying to get her set up in a system as well.

Katie said...


I am going to take the liberty to answer that for you (she is on vacation, so probably hasn't seen your comment).

I know where she lives there aren't many options for grocery shopping, so I am betting she doesn't run into that as much as you or I would in Cincinnati.

That is what I am afraid of when it comes to that method, BUT I haven't clipped regularly in several months and I haven't had it happen once. I can' only remember a couple of times in 2 or 3 years when it happened!

Katie said...


If you get around to it that's great, but if you are too busy don't sweat it.

I love that you are teaching your daughter to coupon. I wished I would have learned when I was 19! Think of all of the money she can save!

Cheryl said...

Yep..I'm on vacation....but I still gotta have my "cutting back kitchen" fix!!! LOL

Misty...FIRST....I collate the inserts so that I don't have to thumb thru 2-3 inserts individually....then I go thru the inserts when i get them and clip what I feel I would use or what I think may come in handy.

Then I go ahead and file them and if I see a hot deal and know I haven't clipped that particular coupon...I can go back and pull it.

Just last month there was something that came on sale and the coupon was from FEBRUARY...believe it or not!!!

Katie's right about my shopping selection tho....Kroger is pretty much it for me!!!

Katie...I'm famous...I made your blog....gotta email everyone and tell them to get on over here!!!

Love you,

Misty said...


That helps me out ALOT. So you are basically "hanging" the coupons you didn't clip? What a FANTASTIC idea! So, do you keep a binder then with all your clipped coupons you use??

I may just have to save and get me a binder system... :)

Katie said...


Thanks for sharing while you are away on vacation. I must really be cool if you are willing to read while you are away :) Ha ha!

Have a great time away!

Katie said...


Yes, I believe those coupons that she does clip she puts in her binder to carry with her.

I am thinking with the lack of coupon use lately that this may work out for me!

Misty said...

I get about 5 papers each week and write the date across the top of each insert in big black marker. I then sort them by type and date and stack them into a canvas fabric cube (you know the brightly colored ones you use to hold kid toys).

I always keep the fabric cube in the car. When I make my shopping list, I take the cube into the house and cut out the coupons as needed, leaving the rest of the insert intact.

When I find a good sale or clearance item at the store, I look up the item on my mobile phone using one of the readily available coupon listing websites. If it is a good deal, I run out to car and cut out the coupons I need.

I do carry a second coupon holder kind of like a big recipe box with indexed tabs to hold all of the other coupons (blinkies, magazine coupons, peelies, etc).

The cube method works great for me, no unnecessary cutting and I never miss a good deal because I didn't have my coupons with me.

Katie said...


That is a great idea. I love the idea of keeping them in the car so you can run out and get what you need.

Thanks so much for sharing your system! I may have to go buy a cube:)

That would put my blackberry to good use!!

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