Saturday, September 25, 2010

Packing the Pantry

After looking at the deals (or lack thereof), I decided there wasn't anything I wanted to rush out and get this week. I had plenty in the pantry/freezer/stockpile so I decided to take a week off of grocery shopping!

How about you?

Did you get any good deals this week?


Misty said...

I love that about menu planning, stockpiling and freezer cooking... that I don't always HAVE to go to the grocery. :)

It makes it nice...

Misty said...

Oh, I forgot... speaking of sales... This week I ran to Kroger for "staples" and they had hamburger buns discounted to .49 cents, so I HAD to buy some and make your bun breakfast bake... LOL! Yummy!

Still have some, so we will also try out the garlic toast everyone mentioned. :)

Katie said...

Misty...Funny you are makign the "Breakfast Bun Bake". You are true friend who really trusts me, if you are willing to make it!

Yes, try the garlic toast I know the kids will like that!

Kroger hasn't had good sales lately, but they do have good clearance on breads!

Elaine said...

i got bread for kroger bread for 29 cents today...that was at the montgomery store where i work. plus a box of powdered donuts for 39 cents. I did manage to pick up a whole chicken that was originally 88cents a pound but it was on it found its way to my

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